Aya Pogrebinsky

Co-founder & Product Designer

Hi! I’m Ayka! I’m here to support creative people and make sure they have a safe space to build confidence.

My experience working at various tech companies and robotics companies has given me insight on how to build an influential system and nurturing community.

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Desgin (RISD) with classic training in the art back in 2010 and worked at creative agencies and production firms until I decided to put my corporate lifestyle aside and kickstart Swurl with Eric Williams. We both have a passion for travel, mentorship and uplifting people and our goal here at Swurl was to organize a team around just that. Creating a more inclusive community – Providing services for the startups and individuals and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Creative Coaching
Our philosophy

There is no wrong place to get started.

Creative work

We provide an incubator style type of approach where we don't focus on the details, but the general idea. We help you ideate on your concept and create rapid prototypes to bring it to life. * Project budget must be at least $1500

Concept ideation
Rapid prototyping
Basic website kickstart

Accountability workshops

5 group sessions with speakers and access to a community platform. We work with you to set small goals and give you an opportunity to get feedback from the group.

Smart goal setting
Visiting speakers on finance, leadership, and more...
Confidence boosting exercises