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Aria Marco

Circus, Herbalism, Dance, Juggling, Books, Art

Greetings! I am Aria Marco. My art journey started at a young age, when my passion for drawing was encouraged by my parents and teachers. I went on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I gained a broad range of creative and technical skills. Since then I have earned a Masters degree in History of Art, taught art classes and helped budding artists make and share their work in a gallery setting, restored historical merry-go-round horses at an amusement park,  and performed as a circus performer. While these experiences have shaped my foundation over time, I also experienced a many-years-long artistic gap, which was crushing. Now I think of that period as an incubation period where I fostered new ideas and dabbled with other interests before being ready to emerge back into the art world. . . like a pretty little cicada. I am currently working on my debut graphic novel which features a retelling of a familiar fairy tale, dark Lovecraftian notes, and a hint of feminism. I am inspired by misunderstood monsters, surreal and mildly macabre aesthetics, with lots of irony sprinkled on top. I use a mix of traditional painting and digital media, and love expanding my toolkit with new skills (you’re next, stained glass!). 


Having gone through both high and low points in my artistic experience, I empathize with other artists who feel lost in their creative journey, and fully respect the importance and (sometimes) difficulty of finding the inner source of inspiration that motivates us to make art. With that in mind, I am eager to support other artists wherever they are at in their creative adventures.

(Photo credit: Annabelle Denmark Photography)

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