HR, Hair products, and creative writing

Kassidi Stynnett

Books, Music, Writing, Motherhood

"If you cut me open, you’d find red wine, a bunch of Honey’s Kettle biscuits and a slew of ideals no one ever really will be too honest with you about, because it makes them uncomfortable."

Kassidi Stynnett is a proud Los Angeleno, an all-around cinephile, music buff and writing enthusiast. She played piano as a child and studied creative writing, art history, film, photography and psychology in high school and college. She is also a small business owner of a natural/vegan hair care line. While she is a Jill-of-all-trades, she miraculously does this all while working full-time for a tech company and recently becoming a full-time mom. She has always been passionate about creative outlets and how they can connect people for life and in ways you’d never imagine. She is constantly learning and trying to recreate herself through her work and believes that no one ever really knows what’s coming for them, no matter how hard they try to control the narrative.

All Great Lengths was created to help maintain safe, effective and healthy hair practices and is also expanding into skincare. The current hair products are created in small batches for potency.