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Logan Sheriff

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"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

- Marcus Aurelius

Logan was born in the small Midwest city of Freeport, Illinois. When he graduated from high school, he joined the United States Army as an Infantryman, attending basic training in Fort Benning, GA and serving in Virginia. Here reality struck and he realized only with a certain mindset and perception could he persevere. This mentality that developed under harsh conditions ultimately allowed him to be more adaptable and is the number one thing he attributes to his continuing success in life.

After his three year service, he moved to Los Angeles where he graduated with a bachelors in business admin and project management. He began working in an entry level business analyst role and during that time started his own business with Eric Williams. That was their first crack at it – it was tough and emotional, but also a ton of fun and they learned a lot. Many mistakes made, but ultimately they are better for it and we want to help others avoid those simple mistakes. There is a lot of misinformation and people with bad intentions out there that Logan wants to help guide you through and stay protected.

Logan is now a lead product owner of an IT managed service provider, leading a 26 member team across California. He took over this team at just 28 years old. Without his previous life experiences and mindset, he would not have been ready for such an undertaking. He wants to teach you about professional cultures, why they’re important and why trust is one of the most important traits you should aspire to; gaining the trust of your peers, leadership, customers, etc will take you very far. It’s also about learning to play the game; this doesn’t mean sacrificing your dignity or doing something you don’t believe in. It means to be strategic and patient. Gaining experience is a must and having the right mindset and perception of life will guarantee your success.

As you’ve probably guessed, Logan is passionate about leadership. The other area he spends a lot of time in is investing. Investing in the stock markets has become so clouded with trash advice but has never been easier or cheaper to do; there are thousands out there who claim they have the right formula or that they bet big on something at the right time and won. Gamestop anyone? This is called speculating – you’re better off going to Vegas, you’ll have a lot more fun losing your money. Logan follows the tried and true, value investing approach. This strategy takes into consideration a number of financial formulas and follows a set of guidelines when considering companies for investment, that create a low risk and high yield environment. It’s about finding financially strong and mature companies at a great value. It may take months to years for one position to meet their ideal selling point, but this is a long term approach; you’ll get paid as you wait, allowing you to realize a companies max potential by raking in dividends and then capital gains when it’s time to sell. During this time the stock will go up and down and will experience an “unrealized” loss – it’s all part of the journey. You don’t realize that loss until you actually sell an asset and the companies Logan screens for are extremely safe. If you’re open to learning more about investing, reach out! Logan is open to teaching what he knows, how he does research and what he looks for and why, and helping you get set up. 

**Disclaimer: He does want you to know that he and Swurl are not certified or licensed financial advisors and cannot invest your money for you. Think more of Logan as a coach. Any opinions he shares are his own and do not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever. Nothing published or said by Logan or Swurl constitutes financial advice or an investment recommendation nor should any data or content published by Logan or Swurl be relied upon for any investment activities. Logan and Swurl strongly recommend you perform your own independed research and/or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decisions.

An early and comfortable retirement is his goal. In his off time you’ll find him reading, gaming, talking mad **** to his homies, walking his dog, playing ball, soaking up the sun, or in the winter, on his snowboard flying down the mountain.