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UX Design & AI Ethics

Hands on UX

This is an amazing group based in the UK. They are very thorough and all about learning through doing. The founder is incredibly empathetic and will help you find the best course that fits. We highly recommend this community.

The language of UX

Great course to learn the key words and processes in UX Design. If you do decide to take this course make sure you work on projects in parallel that interest you. Create your own business site, design something for a friend, do something in the topic that interests you.

UX Strategy and Thinking

Great community and place to learn about UX, AI, product management, and more. If you are transitioning careers into the UX field we recommend starting here.

Creative Community, Branding & Business

Diversity in tech

Fellowship program for adults

Low-income and underserved adults without college degrees face structural challenges preventing them from succeeding. Pursuit invests in our Fellows by providing them with a comprehensive range of services: coding and professional skills training, a sourced job opportunity with company partners, career support, mentorship, and access to a network of tech companies and industry professionals.

Learning how to code

Code Differently provides hands on training and education through coding classes that gives participants the technical and cognitive skills they need to excel in technology-driven workplaces.