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We provide a network where tech, creative, and wellness experts of all levels connect in a friendly and safe environment fostering a feeling of confidence, inspiration, and direction.

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Hi! We are Eric and Aya, techie co-founders of Swurl. Swurl is a community of like-minded creators who want to collaborate and learn from each other. We are currently in the process of building a non-corporate version of LinkedIn where professionals and recent grads can mingle, chat, and learn from each other.

We provide incubator type services where we help you build out your proof of concept and provide workshops where we connect individuals who want to bring their unique projects to life. We are a casual and down-to-earth bunch ready to take any idea and break it down. Eric's background is in IT and music production, he is also the host of podcast
"What they talkin". Aya (RISD Alum) mentors students coming right out of art school or individuals pursuing a creative career.