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Welcome! We are in the process of building out our MVP platform. Swurl is a new networking space where tech, creative, and wellness experts of all levels (introverted and extroverted) can connect in a friendly and safe environment fostering a feeling of confidence, inspiration, and direction.

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Who is this platform for?

Leaders and tech professionals

Individuals who have worked in tech for a while and are tired and bored of the corporate networking structure and hope to connect with people at a deeper level in a more creative setting, share their experience, and potentially start or grow their own businesses

Creative thinkers in transition

Individuals who have grown out of their current roles in tech or personally have experienced an important change and want to explore other spaces, collaborate with new people, but aren't quite sure where to start and who to reach out to

College and high school graduates curious about tech and creative fields

Individuals who just left the world of education and want to connect with real professionals in the field and potentially find some opportunities, get feedback on direction and their resumes/portfolios/skills


Individuals who are looking to invest in exciting projects created by outside the box, innovative, and empathetic thinkers who have some great ideas

Life & Career Coaches

Individuals who are vetted coaches and want to find customers who would benefit from some quality guidance

Health Practitioners

Individuals who specialize in mental and physical health, who want to provide support to stressed out, burnt out, depressed tech people and graduates

There is no correct or incorrect path, but either way the process should be interesting

Our mission is to create a gamified web platform where it is actually fun to find like-minded people. The idea is to network based on interests and values. The aim is to remove the stigma of "corporate" in networking.

Tech people are constantly in transition, they are hungry to learn and to be inspired. The format of social media is sometimes overwhelming with constant feeds and endless notifications. Our goal is to provide an elegant and peaceful space where being in transition and evolving as a professional and a newbie is seen as normal and exciting. We will also provide a community of accessible and vetted tech professionals who will serve as thought leaders and coaches along the way.

We see a world where tech spaces feel human and approachable.

Learn about new fields in tech

AI is being integrated in most design and development workflows. UX designers are now encouraged to learn how to work with AI and make it better. Find out what an AI portfolio looks like.

Collaborate on projects

Easily connect with like-minded people and find projects to collaborate on where they might need your skills

Grow your business

Are you curious about what it looks like to run your own business? Learn about the steps you need to take and find people that can help you along the way

The team behind the madness

Aya Pogrebinsky
CEO & Founder

I come from a small family of Russian immigrants. I have a formal background in design and have built a strong network of tech professionals in my 14+ years in tech. I am a born connector and passionate about creating a new norm for networking that goes beyond "creative spaces". This is something I was aching for throughout my life, from graduation to when I was changing careers. I always wanted a safe and gamified space to meet people working in all areas of tech

Eric Williams

I grew up in LA. I'm always helping whoever I can and have been naturally good with management in tech. My journey started in archeology, because I love people and history. Because of my claustrophobia I switched to industrial engineering and because of my love for tech, I ended up in IT management. I am a father of 4 and the founder of podcast "What they talkin"

Anh Vu Lieberman

Anh is an eCommerce executive, brand strategist and AI optimization expert, with 20+ years of experience launching diverse brands, products and change management initiatives that position businesses for hyper-growth. She has masterminded on large-scale enterprise projects and built high-performance teams for numerous global and iconic brands, including ModCloth, Brookstone, Hurley, The Frye Company, Old Navy, Honeywell, and Nautica Jeans with John Varvatos.

Charles "chachi" carvalho
Business development manager

I am an artist, educator, entrepreneur, youth advocate, dedicated father, and active community member. My goal is simply to live in the moment, connect dots, provide good service, create good music, inspire people around me, provide for my family, and take advantage of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Terence Davy
Business Advisor

I'm an ambitious sales and customer success leader, with a knack for problem-solving and efficiency. My coaching background allows me to motivate teams and individuals to exceed their own expectations and my experience as a chemist shines through in my pragmatic thinking.

Desmond germans
Development advisor
Germans media

Enterpreneur with broad scientific and practical experience in AR/VR technology, (social) robotics and GPU/high-performance computing.My customers tend to be creative thinkers, dreamers and startups that are looking for technical innovations, holistic solutions, and real understanding of their ideas.

Jisun Hong
Lead UX designer

I am a Product designer from South Korea, currently working for a Payroll company in NYC. I grew up in India through high school before I moved to the US for college. This helped me understand different cultures and learn to adapt quickly wherever I am. My background is in front-end dev, but when I learned that a seamless experience comes with an entire process of research and design, I realized I wanted to be the person who creates products that people love with ease of use. That’s how I ended up as a Product designer. I worked on many redesign projects such as dashboards, and various people management tools. I am passionate about food, gaming, and continuous growth opportunities.

Eunjoo Han
Visual artist

I am a Korean-American illustrator and creative director. She has worked for clients such as The Food Network, Rutgers University, IXL Learning, Wired, and others. She is also an active contributing writer, speaker, and influencer on trending topics within visual media. Eunjoo is passionate about food, culture, comics, and identity. She works to redefine what protagonists look like.

Narin Sundarabhaya

Versatile Senior Software Engineer with a track record of success in both corporate and freelancing environments. Full-stack development, data-driven applications, and converting mockups into MVPs are his areas of expertise. Extensive experience leading new firms to market through MVP development. Passionate about lifelong learning and making a difference.

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