Connecting with people like "BOOM"

Welcome! We are in the process of building out our MVP platform. Our beta should open up in September 2024.

Swurl is a creative space designed for introverted tech professionals who need guidance, but don’t feel comfortable posting on Linkedin. They are hungry to learn and to be inspired. This experience is built to enhance confidence, promote growth, and motivate people to collaborate and share more thoughtfully. 

We are removing the typical noise of social media. The format of social media is sometimes overwhelming with constant feeds and endless notifications. On our platform, posting is not about marketing, it is about telling a story and sharing a process. Our goal is to create something that feels safer, less noisy and is easier to filter and sort, so our users only have the most relevant information at hand. 

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The team behind the madness

Aya Pogrebinsky
CEO & Founder
Eric Williams
Anh Vu Lieberman
Charles "chachi" carvalho
Community Director
Terence Davy
Business Advisor
Desmond germans
Development advisor
Bronwyn Gruet
Emily YANG
Strategic advisor
Jisun Hong
Lead UX designer
Eunjoo Han
Visual artist
Narin Sundarabhaya