Kassidi Stynnett
August 29, 2023

Technology, Its Convenience & The White Horse It Rode in On.

Technology, Its Convenience & The White Horse It Rode in On

From our cell phones that store the phone numbers and plans that we do not memorize anymore  to our refrigerators being able to tell us what groceries we need to replenish, there is an overflow  of conveniences and leisure-based tools that have become intertwined into our everyday lives.  We truly do not even realize how much it helps, hinders and influences how we communicate  with everyone. Technology has become completely ingrained in everything we do. We have definitely come dependent on it to a fault. While it has made our lives seemingly easier, it has  also made them equally complicated.

That annoying older cousin who always has an opinion about you, with whom you only had to  interact with once or twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, now wants to FaceTime  randomly throughout week, because they’re feeling guilty about not being more open and  present. On the other hand, the new person you met at a supposedly “socially distant” NYE  party, who you thought you had a connection with, has yet to text you back and they’re  obviously young enough to know how to use pretty much any device, right? Finally, you have  your friends that you can start a conversation with on Monday and pick it back up in a week or a  month from now because life is just busy and there aren’t any hard feelings. This is all a big  thank you to technology.

In light of 2020’s pandemic, the world used technology and successfully demonstrated how  creative or how un-creative anyone can be when it comes to absolutely anything. Zoom became  the home for after-work happy hours (along with the peer-pressure to show up because since  we’re all not supposed to leave the house, we’re automatically free to socialize with people  we’ve had to work with all day LOL), baby showers, birthday parties, board meetings, school,  holiday gatherings and anything in-between. It illuminated that the traditional 8-hour workday  does not need to be 8 hours, nor do people need to show up in person to boost productivity or  exceed goals for each quarter. It pushed the boundaries of who we would now have to allow into  our personal spaces on a consistent basis and how we truly utilize our time.

I won’t go too deep down the rabbit hole of social media, because we ALL gave Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter and the newly introduced, Clubhouse a lot more of our time because getting  dressed to sit on the couch and actually cook dinner got old pretty quickly.

Overall, technology is a blessing based on whoever or whatever you pray too, but there are also  the very blatant downsides of people filming everything with the cameras on their phones,  people fifty-plus years old sharing their unfettered POVs on politics, age old misogyny and  selfies with sickly friends or family in the hospital on Facebook. Not to mention revenge porn because technology made it super easy to intentionally and unintentionally share our very  intimate photos of ourselves with anyone across devices. We willfully share and blindly give away so much information through our messages or accepting terms and conditions across  platforms, that our personal FBI agents probably get a raise every time our individual files go up  a terabyte (I’m joking, but am I?).

There’s a delicate balance on the healthiest way to use technology; however, while it may bring  out creativity or confidence sitting behind a screen, it equally creates a space for easily crossed  boundaries in everyone’s lives—family, friends, partners and work. If you do not respond to  someone in a timely manner, something must be wrong because “everyone has a phone”. Not to mention people getting caught flirting with because they sent the wrong emoji or they’re  perusing a new risqué app meant for singles, because it is so easy to hit “get” in the app store.  People are bored more-so now than ever, and the internet allows you to not only see what  everyone else seems to be doing, but also their timeline (woo, double entendre!). Now, at some  point I’ve definitely shared something on the internet that was unnecessary, as has probably  everyone else. There’s ultimately no way to stop the acceleration. New tech drops every day and  a lot of it has most likely been around; the general population, just hasn’t had access to it because  the powers-that-be are having to master it first.

The convenience of technology is mind-blowing, but we should still practice how to maneuver  life without it because, “The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away”. We need internet and power  to utilize pretty much everything we’ve gotten used to; on the contrary, anything can happen. If 2020 didn’t show us anything, it thoroughly illustrated how quickly life can change.

I understand that “everyone’s doing it” but as quickly and gracefully as technology came in on  its white horse, there is inevitably a ceiling on the perpetual “freedom” it’s associated with. I  guess all I’m trying to say is get a VPN, cover your cameras on your devices, and get out of the  house sometime (when it is socially safe again.)  

Happy New Year!